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We are an international artist collective focused on creating support systems and sharing resources for documentary filmmakers. Having first met while attending the same Master's in documentary filmmaking, we developed strong friendships that translated into rich creative collaborations.


We are a diverse team from many different nations and professional backgrounds, building a space where members can share not only their talent, knowledge, languages, and networks but also can establish co-productions, secure funding, and form exclusive industry connections. 


Whether it's traditional, digital, or interactive, we deeply believe in the effect factual storytelling has on growing a more informed public and effecting change. Together we return to the foundational core of filmmaking, leveraging its power of collaborative spirit.


Film is our flag.

Team players.



Conversation starters.

Many languages.


We plan.

We write.

We film.

We edit.

We care.

We grow.


For us, diversity isn’t just a buzzword. Our global connections allow potential clients to seek out professional support spanning seven continents. Our members come from 9 different countries, speak a number of languages, and have worked in the film industries of several different nations. Together we offer unmatched access to a global talent pool.


Our filmmakers have experience working on films with social, historical, political, and artistic relevance. For us, filmmaking is all about blending genres to maximize our creativity. This, in itself, is genre-defining. The Farrago Collective believes in meticulous research and high production, but also in creating an environment where every opinion and style is valued.

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